What happens after 2018?

I’m sitting at the Gables to eat one of my last ‘ good’ meals. The pizzeria Hone’s was closed and the Dukes is closed because of a live music performance tonight so I decided to try the Gables this time. On the boat we have a freezer but it’s small and I shouldn’t expect more than five meals from the meat that we bought. After that it’s going to be dried and smoked meat or canned chili beans with 25% beef (which was really good compared to the other canned food). That’s why I decided to order free-range beef.


The view is like a painting so beautiful and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset from a table at the beach where I can capture every moment. I ordered a glass of red wine to go with my steak and I just received an aperitif from the chef. A small but tall glass of soup on a piece of wood that looks very cute next to my over-sized glass of red wine. The time is now. It’s very easy to enjoy this moment.

My reason to go to the beach is to write a last blog for my family and friends. My mother asked me to write another story before Alan and I leave New-Zealand. And so, here I am. I found the best spot to write this letter and I will make it a nice one. After this my mom will take over my website to write one or two blogs a week with all the information of our journey. Every day I can have contact with my parents and with this information they will be able to make a nice update for all of you. We will also give updates on low frequency radio so if anyone knows people with an unofficial radio channel, let us or my parents know and you can hear us talking about our position etc.

My thoughts went to Christmas and New Year. What did we actually do? Celebrating another year. Looking back on last year and looking forward to the next. Humans are wired to respond to short term things. It’s easy for us to focus on one year, one week or things that could happen today. That’s why we have no problems sitting too long, eating food that may cause cancer or diabetes and we don’t get scared of global warming.  The last couple of years I planned to reach goals in one year. I got my motor driver’s license, bought a motorbike, got a tattoo, sold my house and went traveling. Now it’s time to challenge myself and do something long-term.

My dinner is here…

The food is delicious and the red wine good. Some kids are still playing on the beach and in the background I can hear the music of one the famous New-Zealand reggae bands Katchafire, the Black seeds or Aaradhna that play at The Dukes of Marlborough Tavern. It’s 6:30 pm in the middle of high season. The car ferry line was huge and probably the 800 people that live in Russell are doubled by the amount of tourist that are here now. ‘City people’ who want to enjoy the beautiful silent beaches. And they are right, it’s truly amazing.


Back to my New Year thoughts…

This might sound a little bit crazy but a while ago I bought a cap of ‘The Golden State Warriors’. Some people say that heaven has golden streets so I started to think about the fact that we might need more warriors for a heavenly, better and more honest world. At this time we see that there are definitely fighters who spend a lot of time and money to make this world worse place and less fair. So I’m going to see how far I can come to do something about this.

The challenge for myself this time is to focus on a five year plan that belongs to a lifelong goal. This challenges not only me but also people around me to look into the future, create a vision and make a strategically strong planning. It takes courage and the willing to take risks. It takes integrity to keep focused and making sure I have nothing to hide or fear. It takes honesty and discipline. And most of all it takes a lot of learning and fighting. Being ready to face big problems and find the truth in complicated situations.

Most of you already know that my life long goal is to make the world a better place. My five year plan towards that goal is to go into politics. What?! Did I actually say that? Yes… Last week I became a member of GroenLinks. This is the green political party in The Netherlands with a progressive left character. Even though I can’t really do something now because I’m not back yet in my lovely under the sea-level country, I support them with my membership and I’m learning a lot about this world while I travel. I’m meeting some amazing new teachers and talk about the problems the world is facing now. And yesterday Alan and I actually started to speak about making a plan for a more honest world. Who knows… maybe we will get there one day?


Sticky toffee pudding…

I just finished my most delicious desert and ate too much. I didn’t listen to Gandhi’s words. I was maybe a little too greedy today because this desert was definitely not something that I needed. But well… Friday we will be leaving for two months on sea. And my ‘rule’ is: As long as you give you can also enjoy.

Yesterday we had our first time going out with Taya. It was a successful day ;). Alan and I moved Taya from dock D38 to dock K5 because the Marina had no space anymore. There’s a storm coming that already showed 26 knots on our screen and all the boats are trying to find a safe haven. We will leave tomorrow after the storm and I think we both can’t wait to start. It’s been a long time waiting. This is not about the goal, this is about an extraordinary journey.


I’m almost ready…

Mum and dad… You are the most amazing people I have ever met. You know this already. First of all thank you for understanding and supporting me in every step of my life. You’ve raised me with good values that gave me a strong character. Dad, you thought me not to be afraid, not to live for myself and to trust people. Mum, you gave me self-confidence and showed me compassion. When I felt down, you showed me that I can stand up myself. And when someone would sit alone, you would be the one to sit next to them. My sisters gave me the best sister-love that there is. A lot (really a lot!) of laughter and support and more than ever a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. My brother showed me how to be a strong girl and helped me to win arm-wrestling from all the boys in my class when I was just ten years old. You taught me how to drive a car and showed me how to become a hard successful worker.

Looking back, my family truly inspired me and made me the person that I am today and my friends motivate me, support me and give their honest opinion even if I sometimes don’t like to hear it. Old friends and new friends believe in me and gave me the best 2018 I could imagine. Even though saying goodbye again is hard and I had a tear or two, I am happy I have met you and thankful to have you in my heart. One day we will meet again.


Looking forward, I’m sure there will be a lot more people who will inspire and motivate me. But now the journey begins to learn from an amazing man… Alan. I can’t wait!

Oh… and after 2018? My five year plan… I don’t give away too many details. That’s part of the strategy ;). Dream big but keep it simple. It doesn’t matter what you become, as long as you become a good one.



7 gedachten over “What happens after 2018?

  1. Dear lovely daughter,
    Lieve Janneke,
    A nice story again….!!
    It’s all about who you are now,
    Adveture, strong, lovely, looking for good things girl….
    Now you are goiing over the big ocean, I feel like a restless chicken, want you under my wings. But I know… You have to do this.

    God bless you both….. !!!


  2. Dear lovely daughter,
    Lieve Janneke,
    A nice story again….!!
    It’s all about who you are now,
    Adveture, strong, lovely, looking for good things girl….
    Now you are goiing over the big ocean, I feel like a restless chicken, want you under my wings. But I know… You have to do this.

    God bless you both….. !!!


  3. Love it!
    Love you!
    Thank you for your loving words for me. You amaze me every time. You have the guts to follow your dreams and live in this moment! Although we live two totally different lives, and I’m not a traveler like you, I know what it means to follow your dreams, stay close to yourself and make the best of each day. I’m sooooo proud of you!
    Love to learn from you and look forward to give you a big hug!


  4. while I am writing this, you are asleep. Within a few hours the great adventure for sailing the pacific will start. Together with Alan I know you can do this. This is exiting because you’v never done this before. Lot of people are standing with you in prayer and friendship. Everdy day I think of you and bless you with joy, strenght and endurance and together with Alan (take care of her…) it will be an amazing journey….
    love… dad..


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