in the middle of the storm!

16 februari 16.20 uur

We are in the middle of the storm. Seems to be that we did everything right to find the center of the storm. I feel like a storm hunter now. Kind a funny how you try to do everything to get away from a storm and end up in the center. I hope this is just the storm here and not the other storm on land as some people might think that humanity destroys itself. At least we are well prepared and we’ll be fine. Still not shitting our pants. We had 1 spill up to now and some boxes escaping their spot in the saloon. But we still managed to make fried eggs and coffee. It’s good that we know the waves are coming straight to us so we don’t make the mistake that we did when the weather was nice. Then we opened a window and somehow the waves found exactly that window to go through and we had 5 to 10 liters of water on our kitchen stove and floor. Now we keep everything closed and Alan fixed a couple of strong bars to barricade the door. No matter how hard they try…. no wave will find a way in the boat today. Winds are going up to 55.8 kn now. With about 8 hours to go we’re still smiling.

Liefs Alan, Janneke en Taya

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