About us

From Mysteryland to Mysteryworld…

Hi! We are Kevin & Janneke. We travel around the world from Amsterdam to Asia, New-Zeeland and America.

We met each other last year on a festival named Mysteryland. A couple of months later we decided to travel the world together to step out of ‘the system’.

As most people know, our generation has to deal with lots of stress. This has to do with high expectations from parents, employers and for some also the ‘social’ media. This sometimes leads to a burn out or getting away from everything.

Some people think that our feeling of happiness has to do with our position in comparison to the people around us. We are easy happy when we have more than the people around us.

We think it’s about doing something good with every day that we live and use the opportunities that come on our way in the best way possible. We see our jouney as the greatest opportunity of our lives to learn, develop ourselves and listen to real, honest stories of people around the world.

The time is now

We decided to ‘live the dream’…. Not sitting behind a desk with lots of stress. We don’t want to focus on THINGS, we want to make EXPERIENCES.


We will see…. We bought our one-way-ticket to Bangkok and got lost on purpose.

We like to be with locals and work for food and a bed. So if you know a great place that is on our ‘route’ where we could stay for a while, please let us know!