We want to thank all the (new) friends that supported us the most:

  • Our parents, family and friends – for mental and financial support
  • All our hitchhike-hosts – for taking us and our backpacks anywhere
  • Everyone who offered us a place to sleep – for the couch, place for our Ticket To The Moon hammock ;), shower, coffee and food
  • Mysteryland – for the caps, fans, sunglasses and bag
  • Picture of you – for the two week hosting and incredible photoshoot
  • Family Gabb in Kawakawa – for a welcoming place to stay
  • Family Heihei in Auckland – for a welcoming place to stay
  • Alfresco’s Restaurant & Bar in Paihia – for giving Janneke a job
  • The Butterfish in Russell – for giving Janneke a job
  • Catherine Clay, Alan Cresswell, Josefine, Evan and Nathaniel – for a welcoming place to stay, a new guitar, a new backpack and a lot more
  • Sailors Eddy Scott, Jim and Terry Cottier, Gary and the Californian Kiwi team
  • Air Canada – for a comfortable flight, hotelnight, breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Family Crider for the Eastern dinner and care in a lot of different ways. Evan for helping me get on stage, sing and play guitar.
  • Mr. Gilbert from Lafayette for the Hammock, place to stay, food and dry clothes. And showing me Crockford Pigeon Mountain.

If you are interrested in sponsoring us with a place to stay or a project that we can work on (payed or voluntary), please contact us by sending an e-mail to brouwerjanneke@live.com or kevin.lutz1989@gmail.com.